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Hello! I'm Jasmine. Self-proclaimed cat lady, always looking for a creative outlet or the next good cup of coffee.

In a world of camera-phones, hashtags and selfies, I find it easy to get caught-up in trying to capture the moment - rather than truly experiencing it. So when it comes to the your engagement, wedding, or your newborn, let me capture the moment, so you can be fully engulfed in its magic.

I graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts (previously known as ACAD) with a degree of fine arts in 2014. My first love has always been painting - but when a friend asked me to photograph her newborn in 2015, what started as a favour blossomed into a full-on passion for photography. I believe my background in painting gives me an eye for composition, lighting and colour.

As cheesy as it sounds - my favourite thing about being a photographer is the wonderful people I get to meet. I've met some of my closest friends through photographing if you're looking for headshots or wedding photos - shoot me an e-mail, and I'd love to sit down with you and chat about your ideas!