when will i receive my photos?

depending on my availability, you will receive your photos anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks from the date of your shoot. however, i usually post 2 - 3 sneak-peeks on my instagram & facebook the week of your shoot.

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i cannot count the number of times i hear this concern expressed.


listen - so am i. unless you're a full-time model for a living, most of us are. however, i pride myself on posing couples, and making them feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera, capturing real,

authentic moments.

i am awkward

in-front of the camera.


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when is the best time to do a maternity shoot?

typically during the 34th or 35th week of pregnancy. unless you're having multiples, in which 30 weeks would be the best time for photos.

what do i wear?

at this time, i have a limited supply of gowns for maternity . if you have something in mind - please let me know and i will look into buying or renting it for your shoot.

please wear comfortable walking shoes, as it often takes a bit of walking to find the best spot for your photos. avoid wearing bright neon colours, as they will deflect and change the colour of your skin tone. during a maternity shoot, i ask that you avoid wearing black - as the point is to accentuate the belly - not hide it!


how do i schedule a newborn shoot, if i don't know when my baby will be born?

this is a great question and i get it all the time! we start by penciling your due date into my calendar, so i make sure not to schedule too many shoots for that month - and then we will schedule the solid date & time when your bundle of joy makes their arrival.

when is the best time for a newborn shoot?

ideally, when the baby is under two weeks old. they are the most sleepy, and flexible at this point for posing and cooperation.

obviously there are some circumstances which do not make this possible - premature babies, c-section recovery, etc.

should i supply anything for our shoot?

no. unless you have any sentimental belongings, or outfits of preference that you'd like incorporated to the shoot - bring the baby and i'll do the rest!


i will occasionally - if a parent is comfortable with it - recommend a pacifier to calm baby into a deep sleep for their photo shoot, or even a bottle (breast milk or formula is fine!) to keep baby happy with their tummy full.

what if my newborn has baby acne?

dry peeling skin, blotches, baby acne, purple hands & feet or jaundice are all typical with newborns and can be edited out easily in post-production!

warm up

increase the room temperature in your home, and keep baby swaddled for comfort.


please start feeding your baby so that he or she will be done feeding upon arrival for our scheduled shoot.


keep baby in a diaper, wrapped in a blanket so if they fall asleep before my arrival, undress-ing will not wake the baby.


avoid any perfume or strong fragrances that will potentially disrupt the baby.


please remove any pets from the room, as they can wake baby and / or damage props and photo equipment.