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Adeline + Brandon: Coutts Centre Wedding

So I'm like a year and a few months late at writing this blog...but better late than never - right? The pandemic has given me time to reminisce on some of my favourite days from 2019.

I BELIEVE this was only my fourth wedding - looking back on these I realise how much my editing has changed in a year and a few months! Growth is wild, folks.

A lot of couples fret about the weather on their wedding day...and lets just say - this day was POURING!! Regardless, it made for some of my favourite photos I have ever taken. Don't let a little (or a lot) of rain ruin your wedding day!

I can't tell you exactly why...but there was something about Adeline + Brandon's wedding that has made me more emotional than ANY wedding I've ever been to. Maybe it was because there was such a long aisle to come down to really relish in the moment, or maybe it was because you could feel the GENUINE love & emotion in the air - but I had to suppress the happy tears and get the photos taken. The amount of times I caught glimpses of Brandon's sisters crying would be enough to set me off again!

If you see the photo above, Adeline's younger brother, Lewis, has an obsession with dinosaurs. As a ring bearer, he thought the trade of the ring box for a dinosaur was quite the trade-off.

I wasn't mad about the rain...the overcast skies and umbrellas made for some adorable shots.

Adeline + Brandon MADE all their party favours! Re-usable and eco-friendly beeswax paper, jars full of coffee & two different types of tea . I loved how personal this was for their guests. Also, Adeline hand lettered these beautiful place-card for everyone and they were SO beautiful. If I am seated at somewhere with a place-card, I will usually keep it for a souvenir or include a picture in it, in your gallery as almost a "signature".

As there was quite the down-pour...we snuck away at the end of their day to get some last minute photos when it had stopped raining. I LOVE taking a moment to escape with newly-weds to get some additional images, if the day allows for it.

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