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First Newborn Shoot during COVID-19

I gotta say, I'm usually pretty hands-on for newborn session, snuggling and calming your baby...but with the hands-off COVID sessions it's been pretty hard! I must say that the parents I've guided through swaddling their babies though, have been PROS! I did not swaddle Colton for his newborn session, because his squishy 6-week goodness was too delicious to hide. The pro about doing late newborn photos means a little extra chunk, and a little more smiles. I'm not complaining about it!

Stephanie, Colton's mom, did her on newborn session during quarantine, and honestly - she didn't even need me! I was SO impressed by the photos she got of her little guy. Feeling super thankful she had me come over and take photos anyways!


As a newborn photographer, safety is a huge priority even before COVID, so not a lot of these precautions are new - but here are some of the following procedures I'm following to ensure you & your babies safety:

  • Only taking ONE newborn session per day

  • Wearing a mask during our session

  • Washing / or sanitzing my hands upon entering your home

  • Not touching you, or your baby

  • Washing swaddles & outfits between sessions

  • Headbands are being sanitized via UV lights

  • Waiting a minimum of two weeks to do photos for newborns born in hospitals, at avoid exposure to me & my clients

  • Using Lysol wipes to clean my camera and other photography gear between sessions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your newborn session during a pandemic, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

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