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Spooky Styled Shoot: Halloween 2019

In the spirit of Halloween...I decided to do a last minute "styled" shoot. I say "styled" in quotations because it came together very casually. My models, Kyle + Kim, already owned the wardrobe pieces, and then I brought the props. I had previously used this flower crown for Elyse's maternity shoot - I was happy I was able to dry it out and re-purpose it.

I have to say, after feeling burnt out from an incredibly busy Summer, this shoot gave me that creative edge I needed. It was done purely for fun; and made me realize I need to do more of that to get me out of my funk every now and again. As a painter, I often tell people that I like to do my art for myself, and my photography for other people...this photoshoot made me realize that my own theory is entirely incorrect - this shoot was entirely about satisfying my artistic hunger.

That being said, I hope you like them, and that you all had a wonderful Halloween!



Flower Crown: Black Earth Floral

Wardrobe: Client supplied

HMUA: Kimberly Agapi

Photography: Jasmine Jones Photo

Models: Kyle Hale, Kimberly Agapi

Location: Calgary, AB

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