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Engagement: Ryan & Jessica

Photography is cool because often times, it puts me in touch with people I haven't seen in a while, like Jessica. We graduated from high school together in 2009; which means this year we'll have been graduated for 10 years. God I'm starting to feel old.

Although it's been years since we've seen each other, we still got along instantly. It really shouldn't have come as any surprise that her fiancé, Ryan, would be equally as kind & outgoing. It really gives me the warm-fuzzies when someone with such a gentle heart, meets their match.

In the hour we spent together, I could see Ryan's love for Jessica; he'd always grab her bag for her, or make sure she was okay on the ice in her sneakers. Often during shoots, I will ask couples questions regarding their relationship, or ask them to retell stories to each other of their first impressions, dates, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the expression on Jessica's face as Ryan recounted the first time they met.

Being in front of camera is somewhat unnatural and can be intimidating for anyone, but these two just clicked, it wasn't hard to get good photos of them. They were pretty good sports about the whole thing, as it started snowing quite heavily during the shoot. It was nice for us to warm up inside at Bells Bookstore Cafe for a more intimate setting afterwards.

Although the boardgames were intended for photo purposes only, spelling out their wedding date and names all aligned almost too well. Sometimes it's the little things like that, that make you go "yeah, this is my person."

Thanks Jessica + Ryan, for allowing me to capture your love, even just for an hour. I had so much fun with you both!

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