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How-To: Dressing for Family Photos

There's nothing that tickles my fancy, quite like a well-dressed family for their photos - which is a lot easier said than done. Have no fear, as I've put together a dressing guide to help you.

Ps...the same rules can apply to couples, but it's much easier to style two people versus a whole family!

Styling Tips

1. Select a Colour Pallet

Here are some examples that can be used on their own, or in combination:

2. Add Texture

Texture can really add depth to a photo. Lace, knitted sweaters, scarves, or a jean jackets are all examples of how you can stay within your colour-pallet, but give dimension to your outfits.

3. Limit Patterns

Limit your patterns to one person if you feel uncomfortable with styling.

4. Iron / Steam Your Clothes!

Nothing will cheapen up a photo quite like wrinkled clothing.

5. In-Direct Matching

One of my favourite tips for dressing is in-direct matching. Say mom is wearing a red knit scarf, her spouse could be wearing a red plaid shirt.

6. Location

Are you getting your photos done on the beach? Then it might be better to use a lighter pallet, or neutrals. If you're in the mountains, jewel tones pop beautifully against the darkened background.

Pinterest can be a GREAT tool for picking a colour pallet, or inspiring outfits.

I've made a board that I've pinned some family outfits on, which can be found here:

What NOT To Do

1. Avoid Text & Logos

Dads...I'm lookin' at you. I cannot count the number of times I've asked a Dad to change his shirt for a photo shoot. If your partner won't give you an earful, I sure will.

2. Fancy, Uncomfortable Footwear

Often times the best spots for photos, are the hardest to get to. It can mean climbing through tall grass, up hills, down icy slopes. You name it, I've done it.

3. Solid Black

Take this with a grain of salt. What I mean is that I don't want you to be wearing an entirely black outfit. I find it'll make you disappear into the shadows, and flatten the image. However, wearing a black-shirt with a coloured cardigan on top is perfectly acceptable.

4. Neon Colours

It will bounce and cast weird colours on your skin, and generally doesn't make for timeless photos.

5. Identical Outfits

Sorry to say it, but having everyone in white t-shirts with blue jeans is a thing of the past. A well-styled group means corresponding colours, and in-direct matching. In the picture below, you'll see that there's no individuality and all the family members blend into each other.

Sorry Swedish Royals, but these matchy-matchy outfits aren't doing you any favours...

Photo Source:

Should you still feel like you need a bit of assistance, I'd be more than happy to raid your closet and help you with your wardrobe.

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Aug 12, 2023

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