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The Studio

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

I can't believe it's been over a year since I've blogged anything - but this was something to dust of the ol' blog for.

The studio was something I dreamed of opening since I started photography, however I never thought it would actually happen. When I walked into this space when it was a retail location (in January of 2021) I was kicking myself for not finding it and renting it first.

Then, come October 2021, when I heard it was available, I KNEW I had to jump on the opportunity. To be completely honest, the timing wasn't great given I was just wrapping up wedding season, whilst still working a full time job...but hey, that's life for you - sometimes you have to take the chance when it presents itself and not wait around for the perfect timing.

That being said, it's not completed to my liking yet, and with the perfectionist that I am, may never be. There's a few big projects I have planned for it, like tearing a wall out and putting some board & batten in one room, installing a pulley backdrop system, etc.

Here are the current features of the studio:

  • Exposed brick

  • A room with a bed for boudoir, newborn, etc.

  • A room perfect for hanging backdrops and controlling artificial lighting

  • A dressing room fit with a changing table for parents

  • A mini-fridge for storing formula

  • Public bathrooms

Located off of 17th ave, right above Jameson's Pub, with paid street parking along the back, I could not be more happy with the location and space. I will be posting updates as they happen!

Besides utilising the space for my own photography needs, the space is available for other creatives to rent to bring their visions to life. Contact me for more information regarding rentals.

A special thank you to the following people for all their help in making this dream a reality:

Susan Jones, Chris Jones, Whitney Minty, Karlee Ainslie, Adam Trevena, Dustin Fox, Monique Miller, Kirsty Reynolds, Andrea Llewellyn, Kim Irvine, Sarah Philpott, Sean Taal, Lana Curle, Ashley Lazette, Rebecca Wackett, Elizabeth Fodor, Jacqueline Sproule, Robin Sparks, John Sparks, Sasha Warren & Alexa Pashovitz.

Dried floral arrangement is courtesy of Black Earth Floral.

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