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What's the Deal with Engagement Photos?

So you've gotten engaged! It's a magical time in your life, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. You've got so many decisions to make in terms of wedding planning...where do you get a wedding cake? Is the venue available? What the heck are engagement photos for? I get this question a lot, and it's something I used to wonder myself before I was a part of the industry. Below I've put together a list of why I think you shouldn't skip out on engagement photos.

You can use them for your wedding collateral.

In 2019, I know a lot of couples are making fancy websites that you can RSVP on, or sending out invites digitally. Whether you're a traditionally printed invite type, or a tech-savvy kinda person, it's always nice to have the option of engagement photos to add that personal touch.

You get the chance to be adventurous.

Unless you're eloping, often times you can't venture too far from your ceremony for wedding photos for time's sake. Engagement photos gives you and your partner the chance to have your photo taken elsewhere: in the mountains, where you first met, your favourite bookstore, etc. Besides, a car ride out to the mountains is a great way for us to get to know each other!


I'm a sucker for gallery walls...that being said, having engagement photos & wedding photos provide you with some variation. Wedding attire is pretty fancy, and sometimes it's nice to have photos of you & your partner in something a little more casual. Perhaps you're getting married in the winter, and you're getting your engagement photos in the summer. It's always nice to have a little variation on your walls.

They're free.*

I put an asterisk here because this isn't always the case, but there are quite a few photographers out there who will have free engagement photos as a part of their wedding packages - and who doesn't love free stuff?

And lastly, and most importantly...

It gives you a chance to work with your photographer, before the big day.

A wedding can be a seriously intimate thing; tensions can be high, emotions raw. Maybe you've only invited your family...or maybe you're eloping. Often times your photographer is a complete stranger that you're trusting to capture the biggest day of your life. Getting engagement photos gives you a chance to really get to know them, how they work, and see if they make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. On the reverse side of things, it allows your photographer to get to know YOU - what your insecurities are, what's the best way to get you to open up, etc. The difference between a good photographer and a great photographer, is that a good photographer delivers quality photos; a great photographer delivers an experience.

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