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Lifestyle Newborn Photography: William with the Good Hair

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Have you ever seen a baby have so much hair, that the hospital actually gives the parents a comb?? I'm not talking a "baby brush" - I mean a full-sized, adult comb.

I have a lot a of newborns who don't want to sleep their whole session, where the parents panic and say "oh my goodness, have you ever dealt with this before?!" my answer is "yes...I am more surprised when a baby DOES sleep the whole session." William was one of those babies who did sleep his whole session - and I am IN LOVE! Thanks William so being so kind to me...I'm hoping your parents love your pictures as much as I do.

Side note: the picture of William in his dad's hands, while he's kissing him on the head has gotten the most likes than any other picture I've posted on Instagram, even more than the one's I've paid for advertising on! Perhaps I should make him the face of my business...

Look at that head of hair!!

I often tell parents to tickle their little babe's it will sometimes encourage a smile - here is that trick in action.

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